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Chacha Eke Biography

Chacha Eke Faani, is a popular Nollywood actress that is known for the ability to cry and acting of grieving roles in movies. She is a talented award-winning actress, a model, a TV personality, and a philanthropist. She became famous in the Nollywood industry in the year after featuring in the movie “End is Near,” that shock the Nollywood industry with popularity and fame.

Chacha Eke Birthday and Age

Chacha Eke was born on 1st May 1993 in Abakaliki hometown in the Ebonyi state of Nigeria.

Chacha Eke Family

Her father is John U Eke a professor, and state commissioner for education in Ebonyi state and a mother who is a barrister and practicing lawyer. Chacha was privileged to grow in three cities, that is Abakaliki, Enugu, and Asaba, respectively. She hiolds a Nigerian nationality, citizenship and she is of black race.

Chacha Eke Height and Weight

Eke has a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.6m) and weighs 121 lbs (55 Kg).

Chacha Eke Marriage and kids

Chacha Eke got married to her longtime friend and Movie producer, director, and Editor, Mr. Austin Faani, in the year 2013.

Chacha Eke Education

Charity attended EUST Nursery and was primarily located at the Abakaliki township of Ebonyi state in the southeastern part of Nigeria. She acquired certificates and excelled well in primary education. Chacha joined Our Lord Shephard International School to pursue her secondary education in Enugu State, Nigeria. Eke furthered her studies at Ebonyi State University in the faculty of Accountancy and graduated with a degree in Accountancy.

Chacha Eke Career

Chacha Eke joined the Nollywood industry in the year 2009 after she merited in the Miss Nollywood Talent Hunt show competition organized at her hometown Abakliki. From there, she participated in various Nollywood auditions, and she was given roles in Nigerian movies.
It is believed that her husband, who is a renowned Nigerian movie editor and director, played a crucial role in linking the actress to multiple producers. In 2012, Chacha featured in a famous movie, “The End is Near,” that made her breakthrough Nollywood industry and gained both national and international recognition. She is renowned for taking grieving parts due to her ability to cry and make the situation appear real.
Chacha loves tragic and sorrowful movie settings and she is perfect in acting such. Mrs. Faani has since been featured in around 200 Nollywood movies taking diverse roles including royal princes, traditional herbalists, bad girl, and trickster, among others. She is bright, and she interprets her roles well besides delivering well as expected. She is one of the most talented, accomplished, creative, and gifted Nollywood actress Nigeria has ever produced.
Some of the most famous movies she acted include Bloody Carnivore, Innocent Pains, Child of Pain, Hand of Destiny, among others. She has been featured in movies alongside numerous Nollywood icons like Olu Jacobs, Mike Eziruonye, Yul Edochie, Ngozi Ezeonu, Jibola Dabo, Harry B, among others. In 2020, Chacha directed and produced her first film Daddy’s Money which was received well by fans. The movie is also aired on Chacha Eke television on her YouTube Channel.

Chacha Eke Movies

  • The End is Near
  • Commander in Chief
  • Bad Girl
  • Two Hearts
  • Beach 24
  • Gift of Pain
  • Moving Casket
  • A Cry of Justice
  • Cleopatra
  • Dance for The Prince
  • Mirror of Life
  • Secret Assassin
  • Palace of Sorrow
  • Royal Assassins
  • The Promise
  • Rose My Village Love
    Stubborn Beans
  • My Sweet Love
  • Secret Palace Mission
    Shame to Bad People
  • Lucy
  • Robe of Blood
  • Hand of Destiny
  • Destined to be Queen
  • Sound of Ikoro
  • Girls at War
  • Kamsi the Freedom Fighter
  • Basket of Sorrow
  • Festival of Sorrow
  • Pot of Riches
  • Crossing the Battleline
  • Happy Never After
  • Money Works with Blood
  • Roasted Alive
  • Who Took My Husband?
    My Only Inheritance
  • After the Alter
  • Princes Revenge Bondage
  • My Last Blood
  • Royal First Lady
  • Royal Palace Maid

Chacha Eke Salary

Chacha is approximated to earn between $30,000- $36000 per film role.

Chacha Eke Net worth

Chacha Eke is approximated that her worth stands at $700,000.

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