Chelsea Fagan Bio, Age, Height, Family, Husband, The Financial Diet, Salary and Net worth

Chelsea Fagan Biography

Chelsea Fagan is an American writer and the co-founder of The Financial Diet. She is also known for the famous website and has a YouTube channel where one can talk about money. Chelsea co-wrote The Financial Diet with Lauren ver Hage: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Getting Good with Money based on her blog.

Chelsea Fagan Age

Fagan was born on January 26th, 1989.

Chelsea Fagan Height

Fagan is a woman of average stature and shape she has however not disclosed any details concerning her height.

Chelsea Fagan Family

Details concerning Fagan’s family has not been revealed to the public. We will update this information once its available.

Chelsea Fagan Husband

Fagan is married to her longtime boyfriend Marc. The two met at a website called OkCupid.

Chelsea Fagan Education

Details concerning Fagan’s education has not been revealed. We will update this information once its available.

Chelsea Fagan The Financial Diet

Fagan’s website, The Financial Diet, grew out of her personal budget on Tumblr, which she launched in 2014. Since then, The Financial Diet has grown into a large online community and platform for women to learn about and discuss money. His husband aided her in the early stages of her career.
She had been a freelancer for two years and had not been paid. The Financial Diet prides itself on being motivated by reality rather than cliched get-rich-quick schemes. Instead, it offers realistic information and expert advice while combining breathtaking visuals with real-world financial realities.

Chelsea Fagan Career

In 2010, she established a Tumblr to track her move to France, and it quickly gained popularity. She sent a piece to Thought Catalog on the spur of the moment in early 2011, and she hasn’t stopped since! That book was based on her previous pieces on Thought Catalog. An agency reached her after seeing her work on the web and falling in love with it. It was during the heyday of the “millennials figuring out how to be adults” genre.
She did not consider herself young enough to pursue writing as a career, but she enjoyed it and did it in her spare time. She published a variety of things, including short stories and essays. The writing was the most effective way for her to express her feelings about not becoming a popular or good student at school.
She began writing on the internet in 2010 when she started a Tumblr blog to document her move to France. Fagan’s career as a writer took off after she submitted an essay to Think Catalog in early 2011. Chelsea claims she’s always been a scrooge when it comes to money.

Chelsea Fagan Articles

How To Get Good With Money In A Year
We live in a world that encourages us to spend wastefully, accumulate more than we need, and put off things like retirement savings until we’re basically retired. It’s easy to look around us and see all the things we could be buying to become the person we want to be, and treat fiscal responsibility like the exclusive domain of antisocial dweebs.

Money, Mindfulness, & You
From The ‘Financial Diet’New ReleasePersonal FinanceChelsea FaganFounder of ‘The Financial Diet’About“Mindfulness” may seem too nebulous to be applied to money management — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Mindfulness is crucial for eliminating wasteful spending and making good choices. This course, created by the personal finance media website The Financial Diet, teaches you how to use mindfulness to make better financial decisions. Money, Mindfulness, & You6 Episodes1.

Chelsea Fagan Salary

Fagan has not revealed any details concerning her salary. We will update this information once its available.

Chelsea Fagan Net worth

Fagan has an estimated net worth ranging between $ 500,000- $ 1 million dollars.

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