Jibrail Nantambu Biography, Age, Family, Height, Marriage, Salary, Net Worth, Education, Career

Jibrail Nantambu Biography

Jibrail Nantambu is a popular American kid comedian, actor, and entertainer famous for Home Before Dark and has also acted in the film Halloween, and Halloween Kills that made him famous in the Hollywood industry. He is a very creative, gifted, and interesting comic actor to watch in the states.  

Jibrail Nantambu Birthday and Age

Jibrail was born on June 06, 2008, in New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States of America.

Jibrail Nantambu Family

Jibrail was born and raised by both parents in New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States of America. He is a handsome son to Zul-Qarnaim Nantambu the father and Dominique Nantambu the mother. He has two brothers Ilijah Bin Nantambu and Mikhail Nantambu and two sisters Laila Michele Nantambu and Khail Nantambu.

Jibrail Nantambu Height and Weight

Jibrail has a height of 4 feet 8 inches (1.42 m) and weighs 70 lbs (32 Kg).

Jibrail Nantambu Marriage

Jibrail is a single boy. He is too young to engage in love affairs.

Jibrail Nantambu Education

Jibrail is receiving his teenage his education in the United States of America.

Jibrail Nantambu Career

Nantambu is a renowned actor and entertainer. He is a very creative actor who plays parts of kids in Hollywood movies.

Jibrail Nantambu Movies

  • Halloween Kills
  • Halloween
  • Mona Lisa
  • The Blood Moon
  • Fools Day Show
  • Your Honor Episode
  • Home Before Dark
  • Minister

Jibrail Nantambu Salary

Nantambu is one of the highest-paid young comedians and actors in the United States who makes good fortune from his acting roles.

Jibrail Nantambu Net Worth

Jibrail is one of the richest and influential young actors in the United States.

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