Joan Templeman (Richard Branson’s Wife) Bio, Age, Husband, Kids And Net Worth

Joan Templeman Biography

Joan Templeman is well known for being the wife of a billionaire British businessman Richard Branson the owner of the famous airlines named “Virgin Airlines.” Richard is a super-rich person who lives with his family on his private island.

Joan Templeman Husband (Richard Branson)

Templeman has been married to Richard Branson since 1989. The couple is known to the world as Richard once gave the tips regarding the love of a magazine in an interview.

Branson said that if one loves someone then one has to chase the person and it is the persistence which will eventually help you win your love. Branson also said that it is not important that love will come to you as it is we who have to make our efforts and chase our love.

In the year 1972, Branson got married to a singer named Kristen Tomassi but they ended their relationship in the year 1979. It was in the year 1976 when Joan came in contact and this is where Branson fall in love with her. After that, he started making his efforts to catch her attention.

The story behind their relationship is very wonderful. Once Branson made arrangements in which he wanted to buy an island and contacted a real estate company.

Branson then asked Templeman if she wants to come with him as he has two tickets to the island to this the lady agreed. That is the day from where they both made their minds that they will live together with their family on that island.

Joan Templeman Children

Templeman and her husband Richard Branson are have two children together named Holly Branson and Sam Edward C. Branson.

Joan Templeman Early Life and Education

Templeman grew up in her homeland and there she attended a local high school with her 6 siblings. We have also found that her father was a ship carpenter and her mother was a homemaker. Templeman possesses a good academic record as a graduate of London University. In her college years, she was quite active in extra-curricular activities also as she is one brainy person.

Joan Templeman Net Worth

Joan Templeman has an estimated net worth of $4.4. Her husband has an estimated net worth of 5.9 billion USD.

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