Nima Elbagir Biography, Age, Family, Height, Marriage, Children, Salary, Net Worth, Education, Career

Nima Elbagir Biography

Nima Elbagir is a renown Sudanese journalist working at CNN as a reporter and news correspondent. She is famous for her bold reporting roles. Nima is people’s choice reporter due to her dazzling beauty, comprehensive news coverage, and daring reporting roles.

Nima Elbagir Birthday and Age

Nima was born in July 1978 in Sudan. Her birth sign is Cancer. However, details about her birthdate are unavailable and under review by our teams. Our teams are working on this section, and we shall avail of the details once the facts are available.

Nima Elbagir Family

Nima was born and raised by both parents in Sudan. She is a daughter to Ahmed Abdullah Elbagir, the father, and Ibtisam Affan. Her parents worked as publishers in Sudan. However, she has not revealed details, including her siblings’ names, age, and occupation. We are reviewing this section, and we shall upload the facts once the data is accessible from our reliable sources.

Nima Elbagir Height and weight

Nima has a height of 6feet 3 inches (1.90m) and weighs 132lbs (60 Kg).

Nima Elbagir Marriage

Nima is married to her lover, fiancé, and companion Mark Brit. The couple dated for three years before engaging and wedding. For over a decade,

Nima Elbagir Children

The marriage between Nima and Mark is blessed with one child, a son Ali.

Nima Elbagir Education

Elbagir got her education in Sudan and the United Kingdom. She attained her elementary and secondary education in Sudan. She then joined the London School of Economics, where she acquired a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

Nima Elbagir Career

Nima began her journalism professional career in 2002 when she secured her first job as a Darfur correspondent for Reuters. She covered major events and happenings in Sudan, with a particular focus on human rights. She reported the Somali bombings of 2007 and the Chinese Sudan conflicts.
She is very daring in her reporting roles. She covers significant attacks, human trafficking, and fights. She joined CNN, where she is working as a news correspondent and reporter based in London.

Nima Elbagir Salary

Nima is approximated to earn $108,000 annually from her journalism career.

Nima Elbagir Net Worth

Nima is approximated to be worth $1 million, including her assets, earnings, and investments.

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