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Perry Stone Biography

Perry Stone is an American ordained Bishop with the International Ministry Center (Cleveland, Tennessee) which is a charismatic Pentecostal denomination that affirms fundamental doctrines such as the power of the Bible, the Incarnation, prophesying, and redemption through Christ. Stone states in the book The Meal That Heals that divine physical healing is normal for Christians and that healing will happen by regular communion.

Perry Stone Age

Perry was born on June 23, 1959, in Jay County, IN, United States of America.

Perry Stone Education

Perry enrolled at Lee University in Cleveland, TN shortly after graduating high school where he studied and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. In Covenant Life Theology Christian School. He has the rank of an ordained Bishop with God’s Church, (Cleveland, TN). He also holds three Lee University Honorary Degrees.

Stone received salvation when he was 18 years old at a Perry Stone camp meeting in Virginia. In addition, Perry began performing record-breaking revivals, some of which lasted up to 11 weeks when he was 23. At this young age, Stone was invited to speak with a very large attendance at Camp Meetings and Conferences.

Perry Stone Voice of Evangelism Church

The Voice of Evangelism is the universal evangelistic extension of Perry Stone. It ministers with strong teaching of the Hebraic and Ends Time Bible prophecy through revivals, Manna-Fest TV, audio/video media, printed content, missionary sponsorship, and outreach. He guides one of the fastest-growing ministries in America-the the Voice of Evangelism.

The Voice of Evangelism sits in Tennessee on a 70,000 square foot International Ministry Hub. Aimed at spreading Christ’s Gospel domestically and globally through revivals, televangelism, audio/video media, printed content, missionary funding, and crusades.

In addition, Stone has traveled and ministered personally to over a dozen foreign nations, putting a magnitude of cassette tapes, books, and the Perry Stone Hebraic Prophecy Old Testament Study Bible for Christians and poverty-stricken believers all over the world. Recognized for his anointed and articulate preaching, Perry has succeeded in cracking denominational boundaries and attracting devoted audiences from every religious tradition imaginable.

Perry Stone Preachings

Stone the evangelist started preaching in 1975 at 16 years of age and received salvation when at 18 years old at a Perry Stone camp meeting in Virginia. In addition, Perry began performing record-breaking revivals, some of which lasted up to 11 weeks when he was 23. At this young age, Stone was invited to speak with a very large attendance at Camp Meetings and Conferences.

Stone even endorses the highly flawed definition of the Bible Codes, also championing himself as a trailblazer saying that “a decade before most Americans had ever heard of the Bible code, Perry had not only heard of it but had begun to warn churches about this very popular phenomenon.”

He stands out as America’s leading Bible Prophecy experts and also appears at globally recognized Prophecy Conferences as a keynote speaker. Although sensationalistic and fanciful, the use of Bible Codes ignores sound methods of biblical interpretation, gives its practitioners no new insight, and comes straight out of the supernatural universe.

In addition, Stone practices “newspaper eschatology,” which includes matching up current events with certain passages from the Scripture as a way to predict the time of Christ the Second Coming, particularly the dissemination of sensationalist stories to create the Bible prophecy, are currently being fulfilled in modern Israel. He purports to be one of the first Americans to validate and publicize on the Red Heifer’s quest for ashes, as well as the first to bring to the American people the theories of “the earthquake fault line under the Mount of Olives, the giant prey birds in the Golan, and the Dead Sea healing.”

Perry Stone Prophecy

Throughout his ministry of teaching Stone has distributed many prophetic messages. Just a few to list;

During his preaching in Florida in 1996, he said one of his prophetic dreams occurred and he laid down for a mid-afternoon snack.

“I was taking my Bible out and I was so exhausted that I put my head on the Bible,” he said. “I had a dream of seconds that I wasn’t there and I was in the World Trade Center room, shrouded in black. There were five tornado-looking, gray-colored twisters coming off it. They had gas, and sparks in them. Instead, they’d got paper. Then I came out of it, then I was saying, ‘Dear God, something will happen to the World Trade Center.’”

Three years later, in 1999, he commissioned an artist to draw an image of the dream that he revealed on Christian TV.

“I’d expected a terrorist attack on the heart of trade,” he said. “The first thing I saw in the dream was when the plane struck and I saw the black smoke. I went nuts when the buildings collapsed and I saw the ashes.”

Stone controversy

In 1989, he verbally abused two Brownies and fired from San Jose, California radio station KSJO. By asking one 9-year-old to keep money from Girl Scout Cookie, on his March 10, 1989, broadcast, it cost him a suspension.

A second incident, said KSJO attorney Michael Hurley at a news conference, concerning a teenage girl who had written a letter to Stone. The furious mother of the girl wrote a letter to David Baronfeld, station manager, and requested a retraction.

Trish Bell was on-air radio sidekick while working at KSJO

Stone Books

Stone has written more than forty books and booklets; produced more than one hundred videos and DVDs, and created hundreds of series of audio-teaching records. Perry has also found time over the last two decades to write and publish the journal, The Voice of Evangelism.

Just to list a few books that he has written;

  • 2019 – Angels Among Us: What the Bible Reveals about Angelic Encounters
  • 2018 – This Season of Angels: Angelic Assignments During This Prophetic Season
  • 2015 – Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain
  • 2015 – The Eighth Kingdom: How Radical Islam Will Impact the End Times
  • 2014 – Deciphering End-Time Prophetic Codes: Cyclical and Historical Biblical Patterns Reveal America’s Past, Present and Future Events, Including Warnings and Patterns to Leaders, There’s a Crack in Your Armor: Key Strategies to Stay Protected and Win Your Spiritual Battles, and Scarlet Threads: How Women of Faith Can Save Their Children, Hedge in Their Families, and Help Change the Nation.
  • 2011 – Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree: How to Rid Your Home and Family of Demonic Influence and Generational Oppression
  • 2010 – Secrets from Beyond The Grave: The Amazing Mysteries of Eternity, Paradise, and the Land of Lost Souls
  • 2009 – Breaking the Jewish Code, Angels on Assignment, and
  • Unleashing the Beast: The Coming Fanatical Dictator and His Ten-Nation Coalition
  • 2009 – 2006 – The Meal That Heals: Enjoying Intimate, Daily Communion with God

Stone Net Worth

His net worth is not known publicly. This section is under review and shall be updated once the details are available from our sources.

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