Sonia Isaza Bio, Age, Height, Family, Dating, Net Worth, Workout and Diet

Sonia Isaza Biography

Sonia Isaza is an American fitness model, bodybuilder, and social media celebrity. She is renown for her eye-appealing physique. She is originally from the city of Pereira, Colombia.
She decided to dedicate herself to exercising, and within a few years, she transformed her figure into one worthy of competing.
In 2006, she moved to Cali to pursue her dream of becoming a competitive bodybuilder. She became recognised as a leading Colombian athlete, once she moved to Cali.

Sonia Isaza Age

Sonia was born on 24 September 1988 in Pereira, Colombia.

Sonia Isaza Height and weight

Sonia stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches weighs 115 lbs or 53 kg.

Sonia Isaza Family

Sonia has kept her family information private. Details about her father and mother are not known publicly, however, this information will be updated as soon as it is available. I

Sonia Isaza Arturo Vidal, Dating

Sonia is engaged to Arturo Vidal(professional soccer player)playing for the Spanish club Barcelona as a midfielder who also played for the Chilean national team. The couple has been together since the year 2018, their relationship became clear in January 2019 when they posted photos of themselves together on vacation.

Sonia Isaza Workout

Sonia focuses primarily on glutes and abs. These are her most impressive muscle groups, so her work clearly pays off.She tends to mainly use the Smith machine. She feels that doing squats on the smith machine takes some tension off of her back. She uses this to isolate the exercises to specific muscle groups. She has a tendency to do lunges with weights, if she wishes she to alternate.
She pays attention, feeling that every ab workout should be done with weights, no matter what it is. She loves to switch up her ab workouts on a regular basis, she may go 10-14 reps doing cable crunches as well as she might do hanging leg raises or reverse crunches with a yoga ball.

Sonia Isaza Diet

Sonia eats carbs after heavy workouts. She is strict and consistent on her nutrition providing her with results that she can track thus controlling her body weight. She as well takes a fair amount of supplements. She is sponsored by the supplement company Nitrafit, which is a big supplier of her stack.

Sonia Isaza Net Worth

Isaza has an estimated Net Worth of $400,000.

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