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Stephen Breyer Biography

Stephen Breyer is an American lawyer and jurist known to have served as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States since 1994. He was nominated by President Bill Clinton, and later replaced justice Harry Blackmun.

Stephen Breyer Age

Breyer was born on 15th August 1938 in San Francisco, California

Stephen Breyer Height

Breyer is of average stature and shape he however has not revealed any details concerning his height.

Stephen Breyer Family

Breyer was born to Anne A. and Irving Gerald Breyer. His father was a lawyer who served as the legal counsel to the San Francisco Board of Education. His younger brother Charles R. Breyer is a federal district judge, active in the Boy Scouts of America and achieved the Eagle Scout rank.

Stephen Breyer Wife

Breyer is married to Joanna Freda Hare, a psychologist and also a member of the British aristocracy. Being the youngest daughter of John Hare, 1st Viscount Blakenham. He and Joanna have three children together Chloe, Nell; and Michael.

Stephen Breyer Education

Breyer studied at Stanford University where he studied philosophy. He graduated in 1959 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Breyer was awarded a Marshall Scholarship which he studied philosophy, politics, and economics at Magdalen College, Oxford.

Stephen Breyer Career

Breyer worked as a law clerk for Associate Justice Arthur Goldberg of the United States Supreme Court from 1964 to 1965, as well as a fact-checker for the Warren Commission. He then worked as a special assistant to the Assistant Attorney General of the United States Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division for two years.
In 1967, he returned to Harvard Law School to teach as an assistant professor. He taught at Harvard Law School from 1977 to 1980, he had a combined position at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Breyer was regarded as a top specialist on administrative law at Harvard.
He wrote two seminal books on deregulation during his time there: Breaking the Vicious Circle: Toward Effective Risk Regulation and Regulation and Its Reform. Breyer’s “The Uneasy Case for Copyright,” one of the most extensively recognized skeptical studies of copyright, was published in 1970.
He took many leaves of absence from Harvard while teaching to serve in the US government. In 1973, he was a member of the Watergate Special Prosecution Force as an assistant special prosecutor. From 1974 to 1975, Breyer was a special counsel to the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, and from 1979 to 1980, he was the committee’s lead counsel. Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the committee’s chairman, worked closely with him to pass the Airline Deregulation Act, which abolished the Civil Aeronautics Board.

Stephen Breyer Retirement

Breyer hasn’t chosen when he’ll retire, but he’s pleased with his new job as the court’s senior liberal, he told CNN in an exclusive interview — his first public comments since the Supreme Court vacancy speculation began.
Breyer, a 27-year Supreme Court veteran, said Wednesday that two reasons will weigh heavily in his choice, despite being far from Washington and the strains of the recently concluded session and speculation about his impending retirement.
Liberal advocates, law professors, and some Democratic members of Congress have attempted to encourage Breyer to resign from the bench. They want Democratic President Joe Biden to be able to choose a younger leftist while the Senate, which has the constitutional “advice and consent” power, is dominated by Democrats.
As the justices issued their final judgments in the first week of July, some liberals urged Breyer to announce his resignation. However, with the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg last year, Breyer has showed no inclination to quit the bench, especially now that he has more influence as the ranking justice on the left.

Stephen Breyer Books

Active Liberty
The Authority of the Court
Making Our Democracy
The Court and the World
Against the death penalty
Breaking the Vicious Cirlcle

Stephen Breyer Salary

Breyer earns an annual salary of $265,600 dollars.

Stephen Breyer Net worth

Breyer has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

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